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Here is a scaled assembly of components I designed and built on CNC and conventional mills and lathes for a large-aperture Pockels Cell.

Finite element analysis (FEA) was done on various components to verify their strength margins, and the results are shown here.

Here are some machining and stereo lithography (FDM) parts I built on a Fadal CNC mill, and a Stratasys fused-deposition modeler, to be used for fit tests

Yes, those are chatter marks from too deep of a cut...oops

Here is the mating part for the FDM component (front/back halves), which were designed for adding masses in front and back halves to simulate an accurate center of mass used for fixturing and integration

This is a set of parts I designed to test a new vacuum joint required by assembly and space constraints competing for space. My new design was strongly criticized.

But the test hardware proved the vacuum joint design was a success!

Here is more hardware I designed using SolidWorks for high vacuum and high voltage.

Here is a part I designed (and rendered) in SolidWorks...

Here is the part after CNC milling it into a puzzle piece...

Here is the backside of the part, showing a CAM screenshot from GibbsCAM...

Here is the backside after CNC milling in the puzzle piece...

And these shows the puzzle as it comes apart...

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