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2007 Hunt - Harding & Black Hills, South Dakota

[Doug's Whitetail]Doug's Whitetail Deer

Taken at about 220 yards with a .30-06, the temperature was 28degF before the sun hit the bottom of the draw. Camelback's were completely frozen. Fortunately, the wind warning hadn't affected the local area on the Praire, yet. One day earlier, winds were 30mph, gusting to 45mph. Even at close range, the effects of this much wind could cause a miss or a poorly placed shot.

[Doug's Whitetail Caped]

Henry's rack measured 17" on the outside, and had moderately heavy tines. He had a good sized body.

[Rudy's Crazy Whitetail]Rudy's Crazy Black Hills Whitetail Deer

This buck's rack measured 19.5" outside and had very heavy main beams. His name is Harry; we changed it to Dirty Harry, since he was such a stud. He had an extremely large body, comparable to a mule deer. He has a little bit of velvet left on one tine and had very long eye guards.

[Rudy's Mule Deer]Rudy's Mule Deer

This Mulie had several stickers and a nice, heavy rack. Like a typical mulie, he had a sizeable body. He was named Frank. Both of Rudy's deer were taken with a .308 at close range, less than 100 yds.

2004 Hunt - Springer area, New Mexico

[Doug's Antelope]Doug's Antelope

[Rudy & Antelope]Rudy's Antelope

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